"The Magic Balloon" is a 12-minute animated short that I have directed and animated, as part of “The Missing Film” Project launched by the Goethe Institute. The plan is to produce a number of nonverbal short films to be shown in educations centres, schools and refugee camps.
Following an international call for proposals, I was selected among a group of 8 young filmmakers from Syria, Egypt, Germany, Colombia and Iran to create our own stories and tell a narrative that explores life without a home, family or friends or going through a sense of loss due to circumstances. 
Each one tackles a different issue. The short films range in genres from short feature films and documentaries to animated productions. They were combined in one lengthy feature film: "Beyond Borders - Stories of Freedom and Friendship" produced by Bildersturm Film Productions in Germany and screened in several international film festivals.
- Credits: 
Storyboard, Character design, Concept Art, Animation, Post-production, Direction: Sandra Dajani 
- Inking and Colouring: 
Lara Varouqa 
Sara Khateeb
Marah Ali 
Luma Ayoub
Joud Eliwat
- Music and Sound design:
Yousif Biltaji from Sync Media Productions. 
- Festivals and Screenings: 
- VFF Dokumentarfilm-Produktionspreis für die Produzentin Birgit Schulz
- LuxFilmfest, Luxemburg
- Jakarta International Humanitarian & Culture Awards
- Busan International Short Film Festival
- International Short Film Festival Dresden
- Int. Frauenfilmfestival Dortmund/Köln
- Int. Short Film Festival Hamburg
- Zlin Film Festival - Internanational Film Festival for Children and youth
- Cortoons Festival Gandia
- Jeunesse Tout CourtsFestival de Cine Corto de Popayán
- Rassam International Short Film Festival Teheran
- Lesofanten Bücherei Festival, Wien
- Indielisboa, 16. Festival International de Cinema, Lissabon
- Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Shortfilms)
- Athens International Children Film Festival
- KUKI / International Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin
- 29th Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival
- Festival CourtsCourts / award: le malon d‘argent des Pichoun / Tourtour
- Menschenrechtsfestival, Köln
- 20. KinderKurzFilmFestival Hamburg
- 29. Kölner Kinderfilmfest CINEPÄNZ
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