Illustrated the second book "Anzeh Azeeza Explores Umm-Al Jamal, The The black Basalt Town" written by Karen Asfour. Part of  the series' "Jordan's Anti-Litter Goat" aka Anzeh Azeeza. Azeeza travels across Jordan to raise awareness  about littering and to protect historical sites. 
This book honours the work of renowned Archaeologist "Bert De Vries" and his dedicated research of Umm-Al Jamal in Jordan. The book required a lot of research and adapting Bert's drawings in order to accurately visualize "Umm Al Jamal" as Azeeza takes a stroll around this very important site. Below are samples of the 24-spread book that I have fully illustrated in addition to the cover and inner pages. Book is available in both English and Arabic. 
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