This is probably one of the most fun projects I have worked on. My friend Dana who is a musician, life, family and parenting coach approached me with a very unique idea of giveaways for her baby shower. The giveaways were  CD’s  of tracks that she  performed on the piano as well as deep house music remixed by her husband; Tony.

I thought the idea was brilliant and I got to design and illustrate the CD cover and the booklet. I was also excited to try out a different illustration style that I thought would fit the theme well.

Finally, do check out Dana’s website for more information on her life coaching and workshops.

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I only posted this because a friend of mine is keeping a New Year Card Tradition since 2010. I managed to snatch 5 minutes and made this really quick. Happy New  Year. Bring it on, Monkey!


Quick sum’in …

A student reminded me of this today so I thought why not ?sandradajani2

Am Still not happy with the ball going out of its path before falling off ….

Morph Exercise

A little old animation I made as an example demonstration for an exercise I gave my students back in 2013. One person makes his character move in any matter, then morphs into the next person’s character… In a fun way of course.

The initial concept sketch of the girl character was done by Hanin Suradi and the roundish-looking guy by Moh Mteir.


Back in January this year; I was commissioned by Project Pen to illustrate a 5-page comic as well as a story panel for each  one of their 16 stories-project entitled: Generations . It is a character driven epic Graphic Novel set over one-hundred years in the Middle East.

The project is a Graphic Novel Concept by Project Pen where Human stories and micro-narratives take place against a backdrop of political, cultural & generational change.
Generations is built by project pen team for audiences in the Middle East desperate for new stories and myths.

Out of the 5-page comic as well as the 16 illustrated panels; I include some of my fav below.

blackSeptemberAmman copy Chapter12_NYC_WithTweet copy comic bethlehem copy druzeFilePg1REAL

All Visuals are copyright of project pen LLC & protected by US copyright law.

P.S : If you are reading this, (which I highly doubt, since I think I lost my couple of followers already) then do please stay tuned for the next post explaining why I have not touched my blog since February 2014. I promise the next update will be soon… I Promise , pinky promise!


I was commissioned a while back by Saba Consultants to animate a sort of infographic for PACES initiative.

 PACES provides after-school activities for Palestinian boys and girls as well as value-added programs to raise awareness about health issues as well as dangers of smoking and drug abuse. Check out their facebook page in the link above. 

I must say the visual style of this work went through a lot of changes till it finally reached its more stick-figure simple look but am quite happy with how it turned out to look. 

Voice-over and sound effects were edited by Saba consultants.